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Off the Beaten Path – THE Gift Giving Guide

Stressed over what to get in the next 19 days to sum up a year’s worth of gratitude? Don’t fret, my pets!! I have some ideas to help you out!

for the rugrats 

a. Exercise the imagination of your future architect or engineer and build the classic indoor fort without ruining your fancy couch cushions or overpriced throw pillows.


b. Other than an epic fort, slumber party necessities are sleeping bags and a serious pillow fight. These pillow “weapons” and sleeping bags are perfect and the adults will want them too! Extra points for proper costumes to match!bustedtees.c319e102-d184-4e74-a82a-08fb36c1b828.png

84008_1000x1000c. How about orbiting your kids to space? Develop balance and coordination with these moon shoes, enjoy a personal planetarium and projector for a deep in space effect, astronaut costumes are here and here for proper role play, and of course, astronaut food to fuel your mission! Construct a rocket from boxes and shoot for the stars! (Confession: I want all of these!)51UfkN4D8jL

d. Tea for two? Tea party sets on Etsy are adorable, ranging from crocheted kits to felt toys if your little ones aren’t ready for ceramic. Set up a perfect table with lots of fun outfits to pick from. Remember lots of hats and to keep pinkies up!



for the gentlemen

a. For your favorite dude that’s obsessed with Tinder swiping or Fantasy Football score keeping – Tech gloves by here and here.cn8830170

b. For the entertainer, the grown up version of those Red Solo cups – this Shot/Beer glass. Just don’t start playing Flip Cup, though you’ll be tempted to.


c. For the foodie or the snobby drinker – a stuffed burger press, bacon of the month club and a kit to make HOMEMADE gin. Just hope that they invite you over!

Stuffed-Hamburger-Press zoom_variation_Default_view_1_1278x1278

d. Fitness obsessed or New Year resolutions on the horizon? Check out these great gift ideas from Men’s Fitness. 

for the ladies

a. For the avid concert/festival goer – a waistpack (the reinvented fannypack) to keep her hands free to hold on to her cocktail freely, to rock the devil horns hand gesture to the beat, and to high-five. Here, here and here.il_570xN.462939988_ptpy

b. For the lady in your life that “can’t even” deal with the frigid temperatures and needs to tell her Facebook friends about it, these gloves.2d221cdaf8705f484cc61e254320cecf

c. Just read any instagram post, we are freaking obsessed with inspirational quotes. Instead of that profound BS, get behind something real. Pamela Barsky’s pouches and purses perfectly express the important stuff like “I have absolutely no intention of aging gracefully” and “If you need to shoot something do it with a camera”. Eat your etsy heart out here. It’ll be hard to pick which to choose and you can totally get the hands on experience at the pop-up shops in NYC.


d. Glittery and colorful cards (and prints) by Verrier Fashion are not only THE prettiest holders for boring gift certificates and heartfelt sentiments, but put these pieces of ART into a nice frame from Home Goods for an instantly glam, yet cost efficient, gift. You can buy them in person at Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall from now until Christmas!


e. For the quirky girl – ANYTHING from Jump from Paper. These dimensional bags are picture perfect and fully functional. The most difficult part will be choosing only one!



for the party host/hostess

a. Bottle of Bubbly – Make sure to choose one that’s not only of quality, but aesthetically pleasing. These bottles by Cavicchioli slay me at about $12 a pop.

Cav1928_Fantasia_ss FINAL.indd

b. Film buffs? Make a perfect viewing kit! In a basket, fill with popcorn, an assortment of boxed candy and these retro popcorn buckets. Extra points for this Smartphone Projector!


c. Breakfast! The hosts will be far too pooped to worry about the morning after, so create a cute basket filled with scones, muffins, fruit, cereal, milk, coffee and jam. They’ll be surely grateful for your thoughtfulness!CI-Camille-Styles_Culinary-Gift-Breakfast-basket_s3x4_lg

(via the diynetwork.com)


an experience! Every dad has more ties than he can count, and how many more Bath & Body works lotion sets or candles are you going to purchase on a desperate, unimaginative whim? Memories are priceless and fun for all involved. Presence is always more important than presents. Some ideas (also check Groupon or Living Social for deep discounted offers):

a. For the new parents in your life – a night out, even a simple dinner and movie gift certificate, with you offering to be the babysitter.

b. Pricey, but worth it – the ultra hilarious Book of Mormon musical or the McKittrick Hotel interactive experience, Sleep No More.

c. Concert tickets – why not enjoy some live music with your loved ones? Everyone loves an excuse to dance!

d. Night out with your best gal pals – a wine tasting, a sushi dinner, Dancing with the Stars tour (who can perform the best “Carlton”?!?)

e. Any couple – dancing lessons! That grinding-in-the-club dance move isn’t working for you anymore. Learn some classic moves and laugh along the way at who has two left feet!

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Who Run This Mother?

The upcoming holiday, and maybe even this neverending, misty rain, had me pensively contemplating all week long about how truly remarkable women and mothers are. I kept this in mind late afternoon Wednesday, as I wandered the sweet, sun-washed streets of Soho. 

DSC03929(old H&M skirt, old Nine West shoes, last year’s Zara embroidered silk jacket, consignment crop top, Mars & Valentine ring, old French Connection Outlet leather belt…this whole outfit minus the jacket cost less than $50!)

Along the way, I stumbled upon a beautiful bicycle that matched my armor perfectly and reignited my desire for one for myself. Nearby, a quote adorned the brick wall that made me smile. Though the phrase and its bicycle companion were advertisements for a boutique, they lit up my path with fun.


SIDE NOTE and off topic: After this, I stopped into Sant Ambroeus for the most incredible almond milk latte, accompanied by a truffled egg salad sandwich on a crispy croissant (I never gave a SHIT about egg salad before this). 

Upon making it to the Apple Store, my intended eventual destination, I sat down and was surrounded by many women of all ages – all eager to hear about Sophia Amoruso’s success story and her new book, #GIRLBOSS. She, the founder of Nasty Gal, started hustling vintage wares on Ebay and 7 years later and before the age of 30, turned it into a business worth $140+ million dollars. She spoke as if she was your ride-or-die girlfriend, telling it like it is, without sugarcoating anything. But, what I found most awesome about her is that she’s happily empowering other women to take charge of their lives and their fortes…to work really hard on your own terms – to be GIRLBOSSES. 



(Sophia Amoruso speaking to me about perseverance while simultaneously proving the chic power haircut of all time is the bob)

After, my great friend Christina, a beautiful, full time working wife and mother of two, was blocks away at the Ivanka Trump Boutique for a fund raiser. It was great catching up with my hard working hot mama, toasting with well-deserved glasses of wine and ending the night at the delicious Mercer Kitchen. 


What I gathered from that day is that all women are undeniably strong (natural, drugless births, or births in general, and full-time jobs – totally doing the “We’re Not Worthy” bow down to my cousin Alpin), super powerful (running companies and households) and incredibly smart (amen to the college grads and especially that lady with the makeup printer). I love the idea of real women uplifting each other and inspiring one another, because gossip, judgement and bullying are wasted energies.

Mothers are women epitomized – extraordinary creatures, even super heroines, who are truly selfless, patient, hardworking, loving and beautiful from the inside and out. My amazing mother, Mama Turka, has always been my hilarious, exemplary motivation for many parts of my life, particularly tenacity.

So, cheers to all of the baby mamas. Cheers to women everywhere. And to answer Beyonce’s question of who run the world, the answer is, and always will be, GIRLS.

mama Turka(Sunset beach walks with my Mama Turka are my favorite!)

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, today and every day!

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