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Diva Behavior, T&A, Bison and THE Skirt

This past Sunday, my day started with my usual drive into the New York City. When I’m in my vehicle alone for a long period of time, I love to partake in intense sessions of what I like to call car karaoke. It’s basically me singing along to whatever is on the radio, at the very top of my lungs, usually with powerful, wavering diva hand motions à la Mariah Carey and Christina Aguliera. The display is, quite frankly, disgusting. BUT, for those moments of gusto within my mobile sound studio/vortex, I feel like the ultimate rockstar. Most times, I forget I am not invisible and/or mute, and am unintentionally amusing the shit out of my fellow road warriors. I think it’s my public service (disservice) to the people of New Jersey and New York.

Anyhow, once my car concert was over, and the obligatory encore, I made it to the big city. Since it was the last day, I made sure to pay a visit to Team Gallery for Ryan McGinley’s much talked about “Yearbook”. Believe it or not, though every square inch of the gallery was plastered with photographs of many naked strangers, it was rather inviting. The warmth of familiar pop art colors and the happiness strewn across their beautiful faces lent to the welcoming ambiance. You could stare for hours and still not see everyone’s junk. I momentarily became a sort of voyeur, and not in regard to the nude individuals on the ceilings, alcoves, hallways and stairwells – but towards the reactions of the visitors. Some were shocked, others confused and some were, without humiliation, comedic. Postcards of select models were available for sale as well, and the selection process of potential buyers also provided unintentional entertainment.


I’m rocking an all leather vintage dress from my aunt and vintage waistpack, old Forever 21 shoes with H&M leg warmers underneath. Feeling a little overdressed in this room 🙂

Afterwards, I moseyed on over to Brooklyn to toast the girl of the day, Miss Julie Mollo, on her new collection “Hopeless Romantic,” at her launch at Slapback Brooklyn. The hostess with the most cutie pie outfit was throwing the ultimate girly bash to celebrate in true Julie style, complete with champagne, a temporary tattoo bar, chocolates, music and shopping!


If you don’t know Julie, get to know her! Meeting her only once prior, she’s a naturally sweet and talented gal who I’m convinced is my soul sister. Her aesthetic is so retro and vintage inspired, and yet, so innovative. Many of her quality and uber cute tops and bottoms are reversible, or rather “retroversible,” creating the possibility of four outfits in a single purchase. What a fabulous soirée it was meeting other fun gals, chatting away and playing dress up!



How super SWEET is this vintage waistpack?! Perfectly fits my gigantic Galaxy phone and credit cards – two hands free for champagne and to browse racks of super cute clothes! (Vintage Studded Waistpack – found long ago at Mint in Englewood, NJ) Thank you, Miss Bianca, for the pic! 🙂DSC07416

Cat prints are so in right meow!1601433_739746842728209_1776264231037941122_n

Here with the diva herself, Julie Mollo. Both of us are rocking her latest collection, available on her website here, or at Slapback Brooklyn! My shoes are very old Forever 21.

Before calling it a night, I paid a long overdue visit to my good friend James, the Beverage Director of David Burke Kitchen. I always love catching up with friends and he let me in on a little appetizer secret at Kitchen called the Bison Tartare. I indulged into the dish that was prepared tableside, complete with a quail egg herb emulsion, porcini mushrooms, capers, shallots, toasted garlic, and served with grilled sourdough. I wouldn’t lean towards while perusing a menu EVER, but it certainly was above and beyond delicious.


Whether it comes to karaoke, art, fashion or food, I like it raw. And calm down with your dirty minds, perverts. I am simply referring to “raw” in the sense of no limitations and without filtration, which to me is the ultimate depiction of hopeless romanticism. Giving everything you’ve got for your passion and boundless imagination to revolt against the norm and evoke emotion will definitely lead you to the best adventures! 🙂

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It’s Only A Paper Moon

In the midst of August, Mama Turka and I FINALLY had the pleasure of making it to the famed Jazz Age Lawn Party, the day before I left for my expedition to Turkey. I’ve long heard of the festivities, yet never could quite make it. Our first visit to Governor’s Island it was, and the ferry boat ride to the event proved to be the perfect precursor to the many boats I would travel cruising the Bosphorus and Aegean Sea. This particular cruiser, however, was a floating time machine that transported everyone to a super fun era when there was much effort in the art of dressing, a love of actual dancing (not that booty grinding stuff in the club) and an attention to detail.



While queuing up for the ferry, it was extremely evident that many participants were into this, and I LOVE when people are into themes. I’ve long been a HUGE fan of the Jazz Age, and my adoration has been severely heightened by my obsession with Turner Classic Movies. This is the period of the roaring 20s up until the unforeseen Great Depression that everyone celebrated the good life. Jazz became the fun soundtrack that defined this period where women were becoming more free to express themselves with the right to vote, shorter hairstyles, the utilization of once controversial make-up and shorter hems on skirts (I mean, they were certainly no hookers, but they did provide the baby steps to our favorite crop tops and mini skirts).






Can you spot my photobomber? 🙂


The party was thriving upon arrival with professional dancers putting on showstopping performances to the music of Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra, St. Germain shaking up cocktails, a plethora of era inspired photo opportunities (even with Boardwalk Empire), and Jazz Age inspired vendors. Everyone knows of my love for a great picnic and dining al fresco, but the food here was not the best to be quite honest (it sure ain’t easy to keep up with so many hungry flappers). In the future, I’ll definitely pack up my own wicker basket, which is apparently permitted. My mama and I had SUCH a great time getting into the spirit and sharing a beautiful summer day with our fellow lovers of the Golden Age.

DSC04984DSC04991(I’m rocking all vintage, even the bag which my father purchased for my mother at Saks Fifth Avenue during their engagement, a headscarf by Goody utilized as a necktie, old shoes by Frye and umbrella from one of my favorite stores on the planet, Pearl River Mart)

DSC04997How cute is Mama Turka!


What I discovered on this excursion is that there is still a great adoration for the classic stylings of hot music, a tribute to the art of the garment and a true acknowledgement of the influences the originals continue to permeate upon our style to this very day. Or also, at the very least, a nice summer day is the perfect excuse for a party…with costumes. Also, the definition of provocative during this time was ladies with short hair, shorter skirts and a flair for staying out to the late hours partying and dancing – activities I KNOW my homegirls and I all certainly take for granted.

If you’d like to check out some great videos of what goes on at the Jazz Age Lawn Party, there are great videos available if you search Youtube, like this and this. Also, the official website is here for the Lawn Party and here for Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra.

Year round, you can still indulge in the roaring 20s by going to genuine speakeasy bars like The Back Room and going to events by Dances of Vice.

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