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Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love

Looking for something to do this weekend that’s insanely fun for all ages and free? Don’t fret my pet, you’re in for a colorful treat! Today is the LAST day of Japanese artist (and my spirit animal) Yayoi Kusama’s Give Me Love exhibition at the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Run there early, as wait time to see the Obliteration Room portion is at least an hour long (SO worth it)! These are cell phone pictures, so bear with me!


What is the Obliteration Room? From the exterior, it looks like a humble abode or a quaint little cookie cutter house. Upon entrance, you are handed a sheet of circular dot stickers and asked to keep your time inside around 3 minutes. What’s inside, you ask? A colorful explosion! A freaking party! Selfie heaven! The most adorable home I’ve ever seen! The other visitors I noticed were also instantly happy, it is SUCH a happy room.


20150609_155117At the beginning of the exhibition in May, the house was originally a completely white canvas. But with the assistance of visitors leaving their marks and obliterating the room with haphazardly strewn stickers, it has become an incredible sight – a beautiful mess. All of us are tiny dots in this world and in that room, but together we can create something amazing!

20150609_155556 20150609_155509 20150609_155442 20150609_155402 20150609_155353 20150609_155220



I’m rocking a vintage 2-piece outfit, Indian belt, Elizabeth and James platform leather sandals and a DIY straw bag!

The gallery also continues to showcase other striking pieces of Kusama’s infamous art. All I know is that if I win the lottery, Miss Kusama will definitely be decorating my home. Or maybe in the meantime, I’ll just invite some friends over and bust out some stickers and wine – have everyone Give Me (Obliterated) Love.

20150609_160940 20150609_160728 20150609_160002 20150609_155916

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