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When is the last time you entered a room, your eyes widened in disbelief of what you see and you gasp to yourself “Wow!”

I did just that when I visited these 3 exhibitions, and if you hurry, you may be able to be catch them yourself before time runs out!

 1.  Pace Gallery (524 West 25th Street, complimentary admission, until August 15th hurry!!) – artist Tara Donovan

There are two massive, untitled sculptures that take up the entire gallery space in an almost episode of National Geographic. The first being a formation of what reminds me of trees, my travels to Cappadocia, Turkey, or a topographical map. Made of millions of index cards, these dimensional and detailed pieces, 12 in total, make up an almost forest. Every viewpoint around the room causes this mini forest to ebb and flow between claustrophic and forboding to inviting. It is really incredible to see the detail up close.

DSC04863 DSC04865 DSC04866 DSC04869 DSC04871 DSC04872

(I’m rocking a Gap Men’s Straw hat, vintage dress, Banana Republic gold bag, Steve Madden snakeskin platforms, assorted bangles)  

The second piece mesmerizes you upon entering the room and took my breath away. It’s unbelievably beautiful – almost looking at puffy clouds cascading through a sky in a stunning alignment or even an icy glacier, created by a framework of tons of icicles. I even could see it as an underwater kingdom with sea urchins or coral reefs. It somehow looks tangibly soft but, close up, you can see the many pieces of acrylic. Again, the work’s view changes from your position within the room.

DSC04873 DSC04874 DSC04878 DSC04880 DSC04881

 2.  Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 5th Avenue, suggested admission $25, rooftop until November) – artist Dan Graham & designer Charles James

August is the most perfect time to sip cocktails on a rooftop in Manhattan, perhaps toasting to what’s left of the summer. It’s even better to partake in a unique experience with an installation at a renowned museum. Upon accessing the roof, you are transformed to a landscape of Astroturf flooring and walls of foliage created by artist Dan Graham. There’s a curved glass pavilion, which to me was a sort of window comparing the cityscape and this greenery, yet unifying the two to view New York in a whole new light. As a visitor, you’re almost part of a scene in this wondrous creation. This is on view until November, weather permitting.

DSC04885 DSC04887 DSC04895

I was going to crop the lady out on the right, but I like her. 🙂DSC04900 DSC04901 Unfortunately no longer open, but worth mentioning was the Charles James: Beyond Fashion retrospective exhibition. He was a British born designer and known as America’s greatest couturier. It was a stunning ode to a designer who was really innovative in creating masterpieces that are truly timeless. Videos were available for each gown that demonstrated the meticulous construction of each sculptural dress. It was interesting to compare the architectural eye of Dan Graham’s landscape installation to the architectural design Charles James fabricated for every gown. He was truly ahead of his time, as most of the gowns could be worn on red carpets of today. Even if you didn’t get a chance to make it, I implore you to research this incredible couture designer.

DSC04903 DSC04904 DSC04913 DSC04917 DSC04918 DSC04922Love this. Independence at all costs! 🙂



3.  The Whitney Museum – Jeff Koons: A Retrospective (945 Madison Ave, admission $20, exhibition until October 19th)

Complex, controversial, childish and kitschy – This massive retrospective that encompasses 5 floors of various forms of art portrays the makings of one of the greatest living artists of our time. The works are super fun and going through the floors is almost like going through a colorful wonderland. Many of his pieces look like toys, but what he is toying with is consumerism, commercialism, consumption and domesticity. He has an undeniable ability to capture the detailed textures of common objects, so much so that my cousin and I were ready to touch the balloons and inflatables, convinced by the evident creases that they were real. His newest piece with its world premiere at The Whitney, “Play-Doh,” took 20 years to complete. Koons hopes this piece evokes the viewers to realize their own interests and pursue them. 

DSC04778Michael Jackson and Bubbles


DSC04788 DSC04792 DSC04799

Introducing my nephew, Roman, to the arts!

DSC04801 DSC04804

Roman enjoying “Play-Doh”


The infamous Balloon Dog

DSC04812Forever a sweet toothed gal!

2014-08-13 13.09.28

(I’m rocking an old Victoria’s Secret swimsuit coverup, Target leggings, and Cole Haan gladiator sandals)

Ciao! And, remember to eat your spinach! 🙂

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