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pony hair

Doe, a deer. A female deer.


Like the delicate framework of handmade antique lace, the doe is a fascinating, gentle creature.


Sure, the original judgement upon these fine creatures by many drivers and their mauled vehicles is that they have horrid peripheral vision. Hunters see these fine ladies as nothing but a sweet piece of venison, and less desirable due to their general lack of decorative trophy horns like their male counterparts, the bucks.

DSC07663 DSC07659DSC07653

Yet, they are sensitive and strong, as they tirelessly care for their fawn and travel in packs with other does, while looking out for each other.

I would like to think that if they did sport a wild headdress, it would depict these characteristics of strength, fragility, grace and gentility as they constantly move throughout the unpredictable wilderness, handling whatever they may come across with style and finesse.


That will bring us back to DO. 😉

(I’m rocking an antique lace top, old skirt by Sunny Leigh, Urban Outfitters footless lace tights, Steve Madden pony hair shoes, H&M collar, antique marcasite rings and a DIY headdress)

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