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Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Sometimes, fate happens. Just like when I went to the Beacon’s Closet Greenpoint location for my bi-annual closet clean out. If you aren’t familiar with Beacon’s, it’s an awesome secondhand store with various loactions in Manhattan and Brooklyn. There, you may sell clothes and accessories that you’ve kept in good condition and are looking to get rid of. If the buyers like your stuff, in return they will give you 35% of their tagged price in cash and/or 55% in store credit. It’s rather affordable and you are very likely to find everything from big name designers to unique vintage pieces.

So, while I waited my turn for the hip buyers to sift through my offerings, I meandered through the store and perused the racks upon racks of clothing, shoes and accessories. I was hoping not to find anything because the whole point of the purge is to rid, not accumulate. But, there it was! Hidden between this jacket and that jacket – THE jacket!


This incredibly warm and Funfetti (best cupcakes in a box EVER) colored sweater, obviously handmade to perfection with contrasting black paneling TOTALLY brings me back to high school days and letterman jackets. I was a cheerleader during that era, albeit an admittedly mediocre member of the varsity team. Come to think of it, I now think I really didn’t give it my all because I didn’t give a shit if the football team scored, won, or even showed up. Maybe, if my heart was into it, I would’ve kicked a little higher and shouted a little louder.

DSC07542Made my “Varsity Letter” with cardboard and crafting pom-poms!DSC07546

One team that I could totally get behind is COLOR – the uninhibited, with a vivacious, in-your-face neon punch, color! An immediate urge to perform chants and do cartwheels overcame me as I deeply wanted to express my adulation for my newfound sweater coat treasure. I dreamt up picking up my dusty pom-poms and cheering my team to victory!

Color always brightens up the muggiest of days and awakens the spirit, even when paired with the darkest of blacks. I guess if you are going to cheer for something, it should certainly be something you care about. And, I will forever and always be the greatest advocate for living colorfully. I’m about to organize a pep rally in hopes of drumming up support in this movement! In life, we can choose to live in darkness, but it’s so much more fun to choose vibrant, kaleidoscopic light!

DSC07566 DSC07561

I got a little crafty with riches from the Dollar Tree, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and my garbage bag pom-poms!
DSC07567I’m rocking a sweater from Beacon’s Closet, Julie Mollo retroversible crop top, vintage skirt, H&M socks, old Michael Kors wedge sneakers, old Betsey Johnson bag; also with Adidas mesh top in above images


In the words of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, “Give me my coat. My amazing colored coat.” And Beacon’s did! With my trade, I not only walked off with this masterpiece, but cash as well to make up the difference. I’d call that a fashion win! Goooo Team!


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Discovering Washington D.C.

For this year’s Halloween celebration, I decided to venture off to Washington D.C. to visit some of my favorite friends! For those of us in the tri-state area, many don’t think to jump at the chance to visit our nation’s capital as an uber desirable destination due to its political history and sterotyped stuffiness. BUT it’s quite the delightfully entertaining area to meander for the mere price of a Bolt Bus ticket or a short road trip. So, before we got all dolled up in our costumes, my comrade and I decided to pregame for the night’s activities by gallivanting around town to unique attractions during the day, in hopes of setting the mood for the big holiday.

Whether it’s Halloween or not, I highly recommend visiting these sites, some of which are off the beaten path, yet really contribute to the true D.C. experience.

1. The Mushroom House (located at 4949 Allan Rd, Bethesda, MD) – This one-of-a-kind abode, also known as the “Hobbit House” is quite the spectacle in DC’s neighboring town of Bethesda, and even featured in Weird Maryland. I can assure you that you’ve never ever seen anything like it. Renovated in the late sixties by futuristic architect Roy Mason, this house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as an on property apartment if you aren’t feeling the fungi.

Though I couldn’t imagine living in such magical quarters, it did remind me of an incredibly awesome adult clubhouse or oddity museum, and would bode well as a fabulous space for entertaining and conversation. Every corner has quirky charm and every detail truly plays a part in the whole experience. It’s currently on the market for $1.2 million and certainly worth a drive by.

DSC07481 DSC07451

DSC07480DSC07480 DSC07479 DSC07478 DSC07455 DSC07458 DSC07454DSC07473 DSC07452 DSC07475

DSC07468 DSC07482


2. Good Stuff Eatery (several locations, though I visited 3291 M. Street NW, Georgetown) – The rest of our mini expedition continues through the Georgetown neighborhood and in walking distance of each other. This burger joint isn’t necessarily Halloween related, though it is very much necessary. Created by celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn to pay homage to his grandfather, it provided the perfect fuel for the long night ahead of us. The menu had many ridiculously awesome options available, but I quickly decided on the Good Stuff Melt (melted cheddar, muenster, carmelized onions & mushrooms with Good Stuff sauce) and the Village Fries, which are tossed in Rosemary and Thyme. The burger was insanely delicious, the stuff dreams are made of – really. I freaking love herbs, and though the fries were so greasy the bag they came in was saturated in oil, I couldn’t give less of a shit and inhaled those, too. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, indulge in one of the hand spun shakes like my galpal did.



3. Baked & Wired (1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Georgetown) – So, what’s Halloween without treats? We promenaded over to this little shop that’s actually split in two – part bakery, part coffee shop. First off, it’s freaking adorable and the staff is super nice. Always looking for the perfect cup of joe, I paroused the menu to see what they offered. I noticed a different dairy alternative than I was accustomed to (definitely , and went on to ask the poor cashier if I could have a Red Eye with steamed breast milk. She giggled, not expecting me to actually recite the menu option.

As the coffee drinks were being made to perfection in order of the queue, I went over to the baked side and hooked myself up with the vegan choice, the Oreo. I’m not vegan by any means, nor was I kidding myself into thinking it was healthy, but I was in the mood for Oreo goodness. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known it was vegan had it not been labeled. It was an amazing complement to my perfectly executed Red Eye, even though it fortunately didn’t contain any breast milk.DSC07490 DSC07487 DSC07488 DSC07491 DSC07487

DSC07490 DSC074874. Jessica the Psychic (3135 M St NW, Georgetown) – In the spirit of Halloween and TRICKS, we gals decided to have our palms read for our amusement. Thank goodness we didn’t take it very seriously. We followed the neon palm light to an ascending staircase that led us into a waiting room area that had a stench of cigarettes and terrible lies. As we walked in, a young man who was either employed there or lived there asked what my Halloween costume was. Now, I wasn’t wearing a costume at this point, yet I won’t fault him since it was actually Halloween Day and that he’s accustomed to the rather generally cookie cutter, Ralph Lauren stylings of the DC citizens. I stated that it wasn’t a costume, but merely how I dressed. As I sat down on the beaten couch, my friend went ahead of me for her reading, and it became fairly obvious from the moment that my homegirl sat down across from her, the “psychic” was merely interested in your payment. She asked her to keep her payment in her hand and make a wish, and then began her “reading.” Since it was her reading, I attempted to mind by business and concentrate on the only thing I could in the room – the 15 year old poodle that was sprawled out, with all of its limbs spread apart on a dingy floor cushion as if it had slipped on a banana peel. Soon enough, it was my turn for a fraudulent reading of my future. As I sat down, she didn’t offer me a wish and asked what my horoscope was. Instead of going ahead and reading the lines of my palm as I had asked her to do, she started speedily reciting rather generalized personality traits of Libras. I didn’t dare say anything to insult her “craft” so I let her continue, because I found it all rather comedic. It was also apparent that she was judging my appearance and she somehow suddenly found me to “beat to my own drum” and “not care what others think.” After she, as with my friend, found my aura clouded and in need of $150 crystal cleansing, I politely declined. I’ve stumbled on several palm readings in my time, some incredibly accurate actually, but this was by far the worst. And it didn’t at all affect our time, because it simply added to the story. Despite my unfavorable review like a disgruntled Yelper, I actually do recommend that you ascend the stairs simply to see the poor debilitated dog, who will absolutely give you a better reading than Jessica and her coworkers.

DSC07505 DSC07506

5. The Old Stone House (3051 M Street, Georgetown) – This locale was built in 1765 and is the oldest standing house in all of D.C. According to legend, it houses quite a few spirits. Due to a time crunch to actually walk through the quaint old house, we quickly strolled through its back garden which was quaint with its leveled land and pretty foliage. A couple sat on a bench across the way, petting each other as if it was a secluded English garden and their parents weren’t home from work. I guess it was rather romantic, tucked a few feet away from the hustle and bustle of M Street. Though I didn’t see anything freaky other than a couple attempting to get freaky, it’s a super cool, historic spot to absorb some of our nation’s culture while you’re shopping and stuffing your face in Georgetown.

DSC07496 DSC07497 DSC07499 DSC07501DSC07503

6. The Exorcist Steps (36th St NW & M St NW, Georgetown) – To really engage ourselves in the creepiness to come, while working off that delectable burger from earlier, my homegirl suggested we visit the exact spot where murders took place in the infamous film, The Exorcist. I detest scary movies – I have quite the imagination and tend to believe that any unfamiliar sound at night is an ax murderer. It was quite awesome though, visiting a well-known part of cinematic history even though I refuse to see the movie.

The stairs, which are ridiculously steep and equivalent to a five-story building, are the location in the movie where the priest, Father Karras, flew down. The house at the top of the stairs to your left was also apparently shown in the movie. Whether you’re a film buff or an athlete, make sure to visit this renowned spot to exercise (or exorcize) your demons (and/or burgers and cupcakes).DSC07514 DSC07513 DSC07512 DSC07511

(I’m rocking my Mom’s old plaid shirt from the 1970s, which she ordered from the Sears Roebuck catalog when she was traveling through Spain; vintage skirt, Zara coat and hat, A;exander McQueen Pumas, Nine West heels)

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