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One of my favorite things about warmer temperatures, and the activity I miss the most in an arctic climate, is the ability to dine al fresco. I’m a little particular about temperature anyway, as I despise utilizing central air conditioning unless absolutely necessary and prefer fresh air even if it’s sweltering outside (I am often guilty of turning my sweet Honda SUV into a “ghetto convertible” by driving fast with all of the windows down). The divinity of basking in the sun’s glow while enjoying a feast among friends really makes the experience memorable for me, particularly because of all the sensory engagement. When my friend Patrick extended the invitation to my friend Jen and I to a crab and crawfish boil in Central Park, we couldn’t help but oblige!

2014-06-25 23.42.38
Gal pals meeting up (We are SO excited to be half of my bestie’s bridal party next year!)


I was starting to get hungry and poor Chewy looked delicious!


The many ingredients for a delicious boil!


The chef himself with his incredible spread! Even the neighboring picnics were jealous!


Up close and personal into an amazing meal – it was my first time learning crawfish technique!


The Great Lawn – Central Park, NYC


I’m rocking a vintage dress and belt, hat from Marshall’s, $5 sunglasses from Claire’s, snakeskin bangles from Loehmann’s and shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

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Black and White and READ All Over

One day I woke up and said, “I want to make an insanely amazing dress out of shredded newspaper” and I did just that. It was a Christmas Eve a couple of years back and my father, with a mixed look of bewilderment, disgust and amusement, asked me what the hell I was doing. I toiled away into the night, making this couture craft concoction with hot glue and a lot of patience. The final texture was exactly what I was looking for: fluffy yet structured, crunchy yet soft, simple yet detailed. As my dad contemplated where the hell he went wrong in my upbringing as he stared into the paper catastrophe strewn across the living room floor, I reassured him with

“Don’t worry! I will get MARRIED in this dress!”

Shredded Newspaper Close-up



Seated Color Pop

Dress, belt and headpiece, Olga’s own; Red suede booties, Dolce Vita via Marshalls

This color palette, reminiscent of the old “what’s black and white and READ all over” adage, definitely spewed into my wardrobe ethos. I executed the same mixology, peppered it with practicality but didn’t lose my eccentricity. 

Face Down BW plaid


Outfit BW Plaid

Ankle shoes BW plaid

Hat, Diane Von Furstenberg via Woodbury Commons; Faux fur coat, Zara; Fur pins, found in the Garment District NYC; Plaid Jacket, BCBG Generation; Belt, The Limited; Plaid pants, Express; Grey suede heels, Mark & James by Badgley Mishka via TJ Maxx

So, these are the adventurous tales of Olga Turka. As I passionately meander about this world and through its beautiful chaos, I realize more and more that I have an insatiable thirst to learn, to discover new places and faces and to collect one-of-a-kind treasures along the way. My daily travels and interactions inspire my limitless imagination. I grow restless rather easily, and while donning a suit of vintage armor, and with laughter and bright lipstick as my preferred weapons in tow, I strive to battle mediocrity and see the beauty in everything. 

DSC03848 will edit

Photography/Bad Ass Motherf*cker: Patrick Eves

Hair/Makeup/MILF : Angelique Londino

PS. A red, spray painted version of this dress can be seen here worn by the gorgeous rockstar Kimberly Freeman in One-Eyed Doll’s music video, “Committed”:


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