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When was the last time you heard gossip and believed it, even spread it? When was the last time you read tabloids and shared the news you’ve read as if it were straight from the source? When was the last time you believed in something without actually ever seeing it occur with your own two eyes?


Recently, I was lucky enough to travel to Salem, Massachuesetts and explore this beautiful area of New England whilst delving into its rich history. Though no actual witches ever really inhabited the land so well-known for them, hundreds of years ago the villagers believed in them, simply from hearsay. In 1692-1693, unexplained events, gossip, accusations, slander and naysayers all contributed to the convictions and demise of 21 innocent victims during the Salem Witch Trials.


I don’t have six fingers as this picture depicts, though I love this specter version of me!

One such victim was Rebecca Nurse, a pious and elderly woman of the time. I had the privilege of visiting her still standing Homestead and wandered about the impressive acreage of land. As I walked around and danced in the field, I couldn’t believe such a serene landscape, with the sunset’s glistening rays bathing the bare winter trees, could ever be the locale of such chaos.

DSC07689 DSC07691 DSC07690

tag_salemwitchtrials_1422087129According to Patrick, I’m as scary as Scary Spice.

 Though today we no longer partake in physically hanging the victims of the rumor mill, a hanging of sorts certainly takes place. We are all guilty of this, therefore proving not much has changed in over 300 years. I dare us all to prove that these victims did not die in vain. Speak kindly and with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’m rocking a Club Monaco wool headband, vintage fox fur coat and wool snakeskin print dress, Betsey Johnson leather belt, and Marc Jacobs Oxblood boots.

Photography by my homies Patrick Kendall and Moniere Noor at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead

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Heels to Die For

Oh, yes honey – the high heel, the stiletto, the pump! The shit dreams are made of. We’re subconsciously trained since the days of Cinderella stories that they unlock doors to fairytales and fate, even love. It isn’t a surprise that a new pair of glamour could instantaneously brighten an ensemble, a mood or even a day. They are petite works (or in my size 9.5 case, canoelike works) of art that we slip into, but as we gently ease our soles into new heights, we also enhance our self confidence – transforming into a newer, stronger, better, sexier versions of ourselves. They elongate your legs, coerce you to work that booty during your sidewalk strut and, even sitting, command your attention. The pinching, ball-of-foot pain, truck driver walk on cobblestone streets and blisters are minor prices to pay for such beauty. In fact, there are some shoes that are SO special, you would bow down and thank the shoe gods for bestowing such a unique gift upon our outfits and eyesight. If shoes were a religion, there would have to be a church. Enter, Brooklyn Museum.


Nestled on the first floor is the Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe exhibition, showcasing the history and evolution of these mini-stilts over hundreds of years. The exhibition is divided into six sections, inviting you to explore through rooms and corridors. I was entranced not only by the sculptural shoes, but by the stunning videos that are dedicated, and somewhat psychedelic, odes to fancy footwork.

DSC07280 DSC07281 DSC07285 DSC07290 DSC07292


I unintentionally overheard two elderly women going through the exhibit loudly commenting on what they saw, “Who on Earth would wear those?”  pointing to a pair of Lady Gaga-esque Iris van Herpens and “These will break your neck!” at a pair of towering Louboutins. I wanted to raise my hand and vow that I would wear them everywhere, even to the supermarket! And, if I were to break my neck, what an extraordinary way to go!

DSC07294 DSC07302 DSC07304 DSC07307 DSC07309 DSC07312

Without showing too much to leave some for you to discover on your own, take my fashionista word for it, this show is certainly worth seeing. It was the greatest way to spend a lazy Sunday with friends. Make sure to check out the section of the museum with REAL mummies and walk on over to Ogliastro afterwards, which is a nearby rustic bar that makes heavenly pizza.


(I’m rocking a Rachel by Rachel Roy Dress, Steve Madden lace slip-on sneaks, Vintage sweater, Marc Jacobs Pan-Am bag, Gap men’s hat)

Ironically, I kept it real and wore flats for my day at Killer Heels. Let’s face it, they’re essential like dreaded Ugg boots to the modern girl’s city survival of countless steps in subway stations and throughout wobbly city streets. My heels were tucked away in my bag, as if they were hibernating for the perfect moment to make their illustrious debut. Likewise, inside a shiny display case, the infamous glass slippers stood waiting, even posing. But, where was Prince Charming, you ask? Where was that spiffy coach? Alas, those trivial details were missing in this rendition of story, but the shoes…they were oh-so-real. So, she and her stilettos lived happily and sexily ever after.


Brooklyn Museum is located at 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn and the exhibition is until February 15, 2015.

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