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Lucky Brand

Restless Spirit on an Endless Flight

dancing fringe

It’s simply necessary to move to the beat of your own drum, maybe even casting black magic with every step √† la¬†Stevie Nicks. Loads of fringe, a fresh henna tattoo from your favorite eyebrow threading lady and a Charlie Brown sweater patterned jumpsuit only accentuate your (realistically nonexistent) super sick dance moves. Dance, dance, my loves.

No pictures please :)(Lucky Brand leather fringe vest, INC fringe sweater, old H&M Charlie Brown patterned jumpsuit, old Express beige necklace, old H&M black lacquered necklaces, {dare I say} Paris Hilton geometric heels, vintage dagger earrings)


Posted by Olga Turka at 2014/04/30 10:00 AM No Comments
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