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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

After our free spirited fun at the Louise O’Connor salon, it was time to get down to business. As layers of frayed ends cascaded gently to the floor, every snip of the scissors felt like a much needed and overdue renewal. Shorter hair definitely gives you a new sense of self. But now that I’m not in my twenties, I have developed a new appreciation for the bit of a strong nose bestowed upon me by my family. I’d rather highlight this “birth mark” than hide it behind a rat’s nest of overly processed hair. And the lightness of not having anything brushing my shoulders is extraordinarily refreshing.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gone with a shorter mane. I did so circa 2007-2008, toward the end of my FIT education,when I rocked that angled bob with bangs that everyone from Victoria Beckham to Katie Holmes made famous. Though beautifully cut and styled pin straight by the talented hairdresser, it wasn’t manageable at home on my own, with my hair’s unruly nature, extreme thickness and Mother Nature’s unpredictability.

In this case, we’ve embraced what I was born with and made a much more manageable ‘do. We tucked the new layered bob in to give a French coquettish vibe and flipped it out to channel the swinging 60s. My huge fascination with classic movies and styles in general, along with years of studying and obsessing over French culture made this THE perfect coif for where I’m at right now. The manageability is perfection and I’ve been experimenting with these heaven sent steam hot rollers that provide the longest lasting curls I’ve ever had.

Cue the metamorphosis and symbolic butterflies (having a Mariah Carey “moment”). 



(Vintage Dress, Modified Feather Capelet, old tights from Nordstrom and Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

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