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The Deliciousness of Detours

Just as perfectly curated accessories accentuate your armor, side excursions similarly add sprinkles to your daily routine cupcake. My bestie Cara, of nearly 18 years (since our end-of-the-alphabet last names had us fated to sit next to each other in a high school science class) was visiting her hometown for her upcoming beachside nuptials. NYC had the most to offer, so off the Bride-to-Be and the Maid of Honor went to scour the city for the gown of Cara’s dreams.

As if dress shopping for the biggest day of your life wasn’t enough, we needed to fulfill our wanderlust desires and dip into many awesome pit-stops along the way. As soon as I successfully parallel parked my car (a gigantic feat for anyone who knows me) whilst simultaneously witnessing an accident, we realized we needed coffee, ASAP. Luckily, nearby was one of my most frequented establishments, Joe Coffee. I’m not sure what I love more there, the artisanal coffee drinks made to perfection, or their incredibly-delicious-and-overpriced-but-I-don’t-care Pistachio Agave cookies. I literally have had my heart broken going there and being told that those cookies were sold out. Luckily, I had powdered sugar dusted hands within minutes. Oh, and we found our “something blue” for the day – the most gorgeous espresso machine.


(above photo via Erin Kestenbaum)

As our day progressed, we were famished. I turned Cara into a monster when I introduced her to the cult that is Shake Shack. I didn’t eat red meat for ten years, and one day walked into a Shake Shack after being lured by the aroma of fried delicasies and haven’t looked back since, true story. I introduced Cara, a vegetarian, to the cult and she needs a fix of the ‘Shroomburger anytime she’s in town. The cheese fries are addicting as well, though I’m quite upset they switched their perfect crinkle cut potatoes to skinny, half-ass morsels. Luckily, the crack in that cheese still makes them winners. We lunched at my favorite NYC location being on 86th St., between Lexington and 3rd Avenues, which offers perfectly cozy outdoor seating.


After this, we walked off our gluttonous sins with a digression to the piece of the Berlin Wall, an impressive piece of history located at the courtyard of 520 Madison Avenue (a bit difficult to find). Cara had heard of this, and I, like the New Yorkers sitting next to this impressive hunk of wall mindlessly eating their lunches, have probably walked by it a hundred times, not realizing how incredibly significant this graffittied slab of concrete is. Torn down barriers to unify a once divided a nation – how’s that for a “something old”?

DSC04505 10559819_10104094894974529_1735394323974961992_n

Later on in the day, we made our way to Tribeca, and came to Laughing Man Coffee (184 Duane St.). After doing some research, and learning that Hugh Jackman was the brains behind this non-profit coffeehouse inspired by his charity trips to Ethiopia, we decided to give it a go. The fan favorite (and supposedly Hugh’s as well) is hands down the “flat white.” The barista prepares our exquisite drinks while we look around the shop and admire all the sweet idioms about laughter and notice the sign about their ice being from a glacier, which apparently is true! “All be happy!” is their decree and their revenues all go to charity. We’ll drink to that, our “something new”!

DSC04539 DSC04537


As our day winded down, we desperately needed a snack to revive ourselves and our low blood sugar. I remembered that a Nutella Bar opened in Mario Batali’s Eataly, 200 Fifth Avenue. I had a classic crepe, while Cara indulged in a golden brioche. Health conscious it may not be, but we aren’t sweating for the wedding just yet! I swear I could eat that shit every day. In fact, an IV of Nutella would be straight up fabulous.

995072_10104094890912669_6199802162940858693_n 10547510_10104094890957579_2008066002274728394_n

Our very hectic, yet beautifully awesome and fun, day deserved a round of classic cocktails in a gorgeous setting. After watching two of the main characters of Gossip Girl (our longtime guilty pleasure) get down and dirty on the Campbell Apartment bar (15 Vanderbilt Avenue), we knew we had to check it out. I’ve been before, but it was great taking Cara back in time to this Prohibition bar nestled ever so quietly in the hub bub of Grand Central Terminal. Two Blanton’s old-fashioneds did the trick, and we classy broads were toasting to this milestone moment of a successful day. Thank you, Serena and Nate, for our “something borrowed.” XOXO.

1551628_10104094891187119_8105881432859216770_n dsc03417 10406682_10104094891047399_6797855718116487897_n

1907768_10104038106374339_2535971623704063393_nWe decided on indulging in a night cap and midnight snack at the new David Burke fixture, the rooftop bar Spyglass, located in The Archer Hotel (47 W. 38th St). Its gorgeous Empire State views and decor really lend to a great experience of cocktails and cuisine.

10509737_10104094891227039_8302504990033441301_n 10410945_10104094891251989_6067266235210744982_n

Though I cannot divulge the other details of where we went or what transpired, I can assure you Cara will look absolutely gorgeous come her big day in June of next year. And it is my esteemed pleasure going on this journey with her, and taking the scenic route…as we usually do.



I’m rocking an older French connection top and skirt, a LAMB bag and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Photography by Cara Zarrillo

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Sartorial Summation

It’s hard to realize how much your brain absorbs and processes. I concoct these ensembles daily without much thought, but often wonder where the hell in depths of my subconscious these visions come from and why it all makes sense.

Despite having worked in two of them many years ago, I detest indoor gyms (with the sole exception of my hot yoga spot). In lieu of a common meat market, I absolutely adore being outside in the fresh air, with the breeze hitting my face as I run – almost like a motivating gift from Mother Nature for showing up to your workout. Sneakers pound uneven trails that not only add resistance but also, and better yet, picturesque scenery. 

So, what do you get when you add a few honking Canadian geese, pebbled shores and the coarse, beauteous bark of an uprooted tree, peppered with the nautical inspiration of the bodies of water and the living creatures you pass by?











DSC04688(I’m rocking a Jessica Simpson hat scored at Macy’s on super sale, an old and billowy H&M top that was $5, my mom’s old shorts from 20+ years ago that remind me of tree bark, Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Nordstrom Rack, vintage straw clutch, a Cara accessories beaded bracelet in addition to sentimental, everyday bracelets)

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