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Jay Z

Remember Girls, Don’t Get Mad. Get Everything!

As a sartorial gypsy and collector of cute stuff, daily excursions and nomadic travels lead to the acquisition of rare treasures. I have always adored picking up a piece that was worn or utilized before by some fabulous woman and letting my imagination run wild, developing stories of where this item has been – and better yet, where it’s about to go. (Yes, I do realize I just loosely recited lyrics to Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love You.” Timeless classic.)

This exquisite sweater was gifted to me by my vintage dealer, and as he said, “THIS says Olga all over it!” Not only did it fit perfectly and was in mint condition, but I immediately named it my Ivana Trump sweater. The ornate sequin detailing just screams to me excess, glitz, glam and alimony. Whoever the past owner of this dazzling article, I envision, is sipping mai-tais on a yacht in Saint Tropez, still living off of her sweet divorce settlement from the 90s.

Ivana Trump sweater

The necklace I found at a charity hospital consignment shop for a few dollars and I love that it has a Eurasian flair to it. It reminds me of my roots in Turkey, but I also see Asia or Russia in it too. I like to think that the necklace was an ornate door knocker that has traveled the world and has enveloped the characteristics of everything it has seen along the way.

To add to my eclectic chest, I purchased this Indian umbrella for $8 from a woman who had a remote stand as I was passing by in Northern NJ. She was selling many wares from her country, though this caught my eye due to the intense bedazzlement and embroidery it has on both sides. Each umbrella was uniquely its own, and though it may not serve its intended purpose, it most certainly is decorative fun – which is more important, anyway.


The golden metallic purse was the ultimate FIND at Polly Sue’s Vintage in Takoma Park, Maryland. This treasure trove is an absolute MUST stop every time I am visiting friends in DC and houses the most delectable finds. The basket weave and the flawless golden shade of the metal is impeccably sized for a modern day girl, easily holding a pair of sunglasses and your cell. I imagine it to be like a high-class, miniature basket, similar to the one in which Dorothy hauled Toto. Or even reminiscent of a portable genie in a bottle, granting me wishes wherever I wander.


A sailor striped romper by American Apparel, topped off with a gemstoned golden turban found at a random Goodwill and my purple suede, laser cut Kelsi Dagger booties, I fought off an impending storm that had beautiful lightening bolts cascading through the sky. The travels are what we live for, learn from and recount, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few souvenirs during the voyage.



Overexposed picture that looks like I’ve been struck like lightning. 

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