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Anchors Aweigh!

Today, we are taking it back to Memorial Day Weekend when my DC gal pal Jenny Goff was in town for a couple days of fun! With the promise of hundreds of sailors convening on the rough shores of the Hudson, we embarked on a nautical adventure.

We began the day donning our finest stripes (and maybe me taking it to the extreme as usual) and imbibing unlimited Mimosas at a Mediterranean restaurant Taboon. After fueling our travels, we made our way on foot to Pier 92, where ships of seamen and seawomen awaited.

Living in the NY Metro area for some time, I never actually made it to the events of Fleet Weeks past, despite annually passing by the participants. What seemingly appears to be an admitted excuse to bat your eyelashes and flirt with a handsome stranger in uniform had so much more to offer.


(I’m rocking a Gap dress- a $10 find!, vintage hat and belt, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

As we made our way onto the gargantuan ship, we met many service men and women, all of whom were having a fun break from it all posing for pictures with strangers (they even had the hastag #selfiewithasailor for the event). Jen and I remarked, albeit embarrassingly, about how this is the most patriotic we’ve ever been for any national holiday, not only because of the obvious premise, but due to the fact we were actually able to thank these selfless individuals in person who choose to protect our freedom.



Being given free reign to explore, we paroused every corner of the ship, viewing weaponry and even touring helicopters.






Later in the evening, there was celebration at one of my dive favorites, Hogs and Heifers. With all of the continuous instability there is in the world, it was an especially memorable Memorial Day Weekend actually celebrating the limitless courage and bravery that these men and women give forth daily to protect their fellow citizens and saying the words “thank you” in person.


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Cabernet Cabaret

I absolutely love New Jersey, particularly the diversity of it – its close proximity to both New York and Philadelphia and how you are simultaneously near mountains, farms, city life and beaches. The sunshine was in and out on a cloudy Sunday two weeks ago in New Egypt, NJ, and the winos were out in throngs. Some of my best girlfriends and I decided to check out the Laurita Winery for the first time in New Egypt, NJ for their Food Trucks and Firepits bash.



 The vineyard, named after a combination of the owners’ mothers’ names, Lauren and Rita, is impressive and beautiful. At this festival, they had unique antiques for sale and food trucks galore. We certainly indulged, immediately upon arrival. The Empanada Guy, Carlos Serrano, really brought out all the stops with even lobster and crab empanadas! They were insanely delicious and you would know, since it had the longest line of all the trucks. We ended up meeting the super sweet Chef Carlos and speaking to him briefly about his locations, but what I found most endearing about him is that he was a dreamer who believed in what he was doing and turned this passion into a successful business with quite the following.


Though there were several wines to choose from, their Cabernet Sauvignon was our favorite. It’s balanced taste and smooth finish really appealed to each of our palettes.



Later on, we treated ourselves to delicious Belgian waffles from a French company, Waffle de Lys. I, with more eager eyes than a greedy child, topped mine off with strawberries, Nutella, vanilla ice cream, and home made whipped cream. After we silently ate our delectable desserts, we found this a fine time to walk off our gluttonous sin.


The leisurely ease of the day while catching up with some of my favorite gal pals was beyond fun, and all of the attendees really were there to have a great time. 



With great cover bands and the natural honesty of the gorgeous landscape, it truly was a day filled with magic, laughter, sugar, lobster, and sulfites.



(I was wearing a vintage jumpsuit I modified, Gap color-blocked shoes and an old Limited clutch – entire outfit not even $50!)

DSC04185Cannot wait to go back to Laurita for another fun Ladies’ Day!

Thank you to my beautiful gals, Clarissa and Nancy, for the photography <3

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