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Love Potion # 9

Nine dollars. It can’t buy you a whole lot – maybe two fancy coffee concoctions at Starbucks if one of you opts out of the grande, 3.5 trips on the subway, a large, fresh-pressed juice at a fancy, organic spot or a ride on the classic Coney Island Cyclone. What it definitely COULD buy you are FABULOUS outfits, if you think outside the box and know where to scour.

OUTFIT #1 – Vintage Romper and Straw Hat = total of $9 from Goodwill





Goodwill is a terrific treasure trove, though there is quite often a plethora of junk. My suggestion is to definitely look for the less frequented locations in less populated towns (NYC locations are the WORST). In these off-the-beaten-path places, I’ve found vintage turbans, furs and leather accessories, all for under $20.

OUTFIT #2 – High-Waisted Shorts + 4 beltsĀ + Whiting and Davis coin purse = total of $9 from Second Time Around Consignment and Thrift Shop benefiting the Community Medical Center of Toms River, NJ




(shoes worn throughtout, Nine West)

Sure, you wouldn’t wear all of your belts as a shirt. Or, maybe you would. Either way, charity shops are the greatest places to find the one-of-a-kind, great quality treasures at unbeatable prices. Shopping and doing good for the community – you can’t beat that!

TIP: Real issues aren’t having a closet full of stuff and nothing to wear. Periodically, donate household items and clothing you aren’t using to great causes like your local YMCA, shelter or community outreach program.

Photography by Frank Zarrillo in Asbury Park, NJ

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