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Sartorial Summation

It’s hard to realize how much your brain absorbs and processes. I concoct these ensembles daily without much thought, but often wonder where the hell in depths of my subconscious these visions come from and why it all makes sense.

Despite having worked in two of them many years ago, I detest indoor gyms (with the sole exception of my hot yoga spot). In lieu of a common meat market, I absolutely adore being outside in the fresh air, with the breeze hitting my face as I run – almost like a motivating gift from Mother Nature for showing up to your workout. Sneakers pound uneven trails that not only add resistance but also, and better yet, picturesque scenery. 

So, what do you get when you add a few honking Canadian geese, pebbled shores and the coarse, beauteous bark of an uprooted tree, peppered with the nautical inspiration of the bodies of water and the living creatures you pass by?











DSC04688(I’m rocking a Jessica Simpson hat scored at Macy’s on super sale, an old and billowy H&M top that was $5, my mom’s old shorts from 20+ years ago that remind me of tree bark, Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Nordstrom Rack, vintage straw clutch, a Cara accessories beaded bracelet in addition to sentimental, everyday bracelets)

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