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dancing fringe

It’s simply necessary to move to the beat of your own drum, maybe even casting black magic with every step à la Stevie Nicks. Loads of fringe, a fresh henna tattoo from your favorite eyebrow threading lady and a Charlie Brown sweater patterned jumpsuit only accentuate your (realistically nonexistent) super sick dance moves. Dance, dance, my loves.

No pictures please :)(Lucky Brand leather fringe vest, INC fringe sweater, old H&M Charlie Brown patterned jumpsuit, old Express beige necklace, old H&M black lacquered necklaces, {dare I say} Paris Hilton geometric heels, vintage dagger earrings)


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Inside Out

No, no. Not that insanely catchy and seemingly nonsensical Eve 6 song that is a karaoke staple.

In early February, I cruised to the Gagosian Gallery‘s West 21st Street location. Upon walking in, I was visually slapped with the most ginormous sculpture aptly titled “Inside Out” and immediately was awestruck by how diminutive I seemed. The fact that I felt so small is particularly interesting, since I was towering in oversized, Pee-Wee Hermanesque platforms (making me about 6’3″). As I passed through the labyrinth’s twists and turns, a mild anxiousness overcame me as some corridors narrowed in dramatically. It was creating a reflexive sense of disorientation, as I was unaware of what was around the corner.

 Richard Serra Inside/Out

The wider, open spaces of the exhibit where there was more light provided much more comfort. Alone, I hugged the curves of this foreign territory without knowing my next move. 

Inside/Out Corridor

Leather trench & faux fur hat, vintage; Plaid duster, Free People; White denim pant, Kenneth Cole; Thermal, Abercrombie & Fitch; Scully shoes, Jeffrey Campbell; Leather Patchwork bag, Juicy Couture.

Gagosian Gallery Inside/Out

Although I just successfully teased you through the sublime coolness of this incredible piece by veteran American minimalist sculptor, Richard Serra, it unfortunately is no longer there (sorry!). You may view the installation experience in this interview with the artist here (“Inside Out” is at the 4:40 mark).

 I concluded that it was an amazing correlation to the twists and turns that are inevitable in real life navigation. Sometimes, the sense of knowing where you’re going is necessary and we rely on all types of gadgets and apps to get us to unknown destinations efficiently and smoothly. Though we are accustomed to the comforts of safety and routine, it’s a great sensory exercise to venture out, to get lost and to wander aimlessly through less known territories – to swallow my doubt, to turn it inside out. To find nothing but faith in nothing (even more sorry).

I obviously have digressed, as I love to do. And, I now have an overwhelming urge to do the Tequila dance.


Pee-Wee Tequila Print


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